Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some examples of technology at the high school

With so many people using websites, wikis, and blogs, it would be nice to create a directory of your work. Please list the address of your site below. I would like to eventually post it on the school wiki as well.

Plainsschoolstuff wiki:

John Langley:

Mr. Langley's Digital Classroom
Mr. Langley's Classroom blog

Plainsman (yearbook staff workspace)
Thoughts of a Pirate blog
Lesson Plans and presentations/handouts
Online book club
Public yearbook forum
PPHS Yearbook Facebook group (private)

Brian Conklin:
All courses on the same site, including a tentative science club calendar (when it works...)

Emily Chrisman:

My website has links for each class, calendar for big events, list of assignments as they occur, my powerpoints and other documents uploaded to it.

I also text students with reminders - not a blog but is communication
I just created a survey for my students to evaluate my classes. The link to this Google Doc is on my website.

Jenni Durbin:

All of my courses are linked off the main page

Krystal Oh:

website for all classes, including an assignment calendar, links, and attachments of handouts, etc. needed for class

wiki for DEAR postings and peer responses

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  1. Jim Boehme:
    we have a PPHS art blog for the students to share their artwork and photos and help each other collaborate while working outside of the classroom. It's kind of an online art show and helpful comment area.